Maxine Page

Maxine Page is a writer, reporter, editor and visual artist with a background in travel, music, and pop culture. 

Maxine Page started her career in London, England, working for a number of different media entities, including John Brown Publishing and Virgin Radio. She developed her love for travel at the age of seven, following a bizarre family vacation to Bulgaria, back when it was still a staunchly communist country, and closely allied with the Soviet Union. 

Since then, Maxine has been fortunate enough to travel the world, mainly solo, and has lived in London, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Acapulco. Maxine Page currently divides her time between living in Oaxaca City and Los Angeles.

Maxine Page has worked in entertainment for 25 plus years, in a variety of different roles—including a 16-year stint as a tabloid reporter and editor in the cutthroat world of Hollywood. 

In addition to all things pop culture, Maxine has a passion for travel, art, world news, feminism, penal reform, and human rights. When she's not working, Maxine is an avid documentary watcher, she also loves to paint and create original art pieces, write on various personal blogs, work on developing exclusive projects, read, and engage in advocacy work.

Although Maxine's journalism career to date has primarily focused on pop culture, travel and music, she can create and write compelling content in all fields, in addition to discussing and debating any subject that springs to mind.... try her, she dares you.