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The Hamster Hotel lets you experience life as a rodent

France’s Hamster Hotel lets you experience life as a rodent, because, well, who wouldn’t want that?

Ever feel like there are eyes on you everywhere you go? Like you can’t escape from the rat race? That you’re trapped inside some kind of giant glass cage, endlessly running around and around?

How would you feel about paying to stay at a place that can help you achieve that feeling? Tenfold….

Villa Hamster is a French hotel run by “scenographer” Yann Falquerho. And the name more than hints at the experience provided.

That’s right. Live like a hamster, sleep like a hamster…. eat like a hamster. Yup, the whole 9 yards.

Guests sleep on straw, are served organic hamster grains in little containers, and sip water on all fours. It’s the vacation of a lifetime. For some pockets of society, I guess.

While Falquerho has taken measures to make the hotel experience emulate hamster life as much as possible (he even provides guests with the option of wearing little hamster hoodies…cute, right?), he has rewarded vacationers with a few human luxuries—there are coffee machines in each cage, sorry, ahem, room…

While it definitely sounds like an out-there kind of experience for us non-rodent loving folks, Falquerho claims there are a lot of people just clawing to stay at his hotel.

“The hamster in the world of children is that little cuddly animal…Often, the adults who come here have wanted or did have hamsters when they were small,” he told Reuters.

While the motivation behind staying at Villa Hamster may extend a tad further than beyond mere fond memories of childhood pets, Falquerho has definitely found his niche.

And he knows how to reel them in.

“We always ask [guests], ‘Why do you want to come into our house?’ And every time they tell us, well, ‘It was so strange so we wanted to see this house’,” Falquerho told Oddity Central. “‘We’ve never seen a place where we can transform into a hamster.'”

I just hope and pray that they don’t meet the same grizzly end that my poor little hamster did, way back when.

Rest in Peace Fonzie Page.